Managing Road Closures from EVAC

EVAC Editors can

by following the steps below.

Add Road Closures

  1. Select a zone impacted by the Road Closure. More than one zone can be selected if you wish.Road Closures - Image 1
  2. Select “Evacuation Details” in the right panel and then open up the “Traffic Control Points” section.Road Closures - Image 2
  3. Select “Add” to add a new Traffic Control Point.
  4. Name the Road Closure. Select "Road Closure" from the Type drop-down menu.Road Closures - Image 3
  5. Drag/Drop the marker to the appropriate location on the map.Road Closures - Image 4
  6. Provide additional details such as start/end locations of the road closure, whether it’s a hard or soft closure, or any other stipulations in the Description section.Road Closures - Image 5
  7. Once completed, select “Add.”

Activate/Publish Road Closures

Road Closures are only visible to EVAC users until published to the Genasys Protect community site.  

To share the Road Closure marker with the community:

  1. Select the zone where the Road Closure is located and open the Evacuation Details tab in the side panel. Open the drop-down for Traffic Control Points and click the pencil icon next to the Road Closure you would like to make community visible.Road Closures - Image 6
  2. Toggle the “Community Visible” slider to the on position and click Save.Road Closures - Image 7


  1. Select the Road Closure marker on the map and click the Edit button in the pop-up window.Road Closures - Image 8
  2. Toggle the "Community Visible" slider to the on position and click Save.Road Closures - Image 7

Remove/Delete Road Closures

When a road closure is no longer needed, EVAC Editors can open the Edit panel for the Road Closure and:

  1. Toggle the community visibility to the off position to remove it from the Genasys Protect community site.Road Closures - Image 9


  1. Delete it from both the EVAC and community sites by clicking the trashcan icon in the upper right of the side panel.Road Closures - Image 10